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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic, disabling skin condition that usually begins after puberty, persists for years, and worsens over time.

It is characterized by small, painful lumps that develop in areas where the skin rubs together, such as under the arms, in the groin, under the breasts, or between the buttocks or thighs. To prevent new eruptions, manage symptoms, and prevent scarring and other complications, early diagnosis and treatment is critical for patients who are suffering from HS.

As Dr. Saul provides his patients with some of the best Hidradenitis Treatment Los Angeles & Beverly Hills have to offer, trust that you are in good hands.

When conservative and non-invasive treatments are not enough, surgery may be recommended to treat hidradenitis suppurativa. Dr. Saul Lahijani is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with extensive training who has devoted his life to the art and science of medicine. If you have severe symptoms, call our office to schedule a consultation with top Los Angeles Hidradenitis treatment provider, Dr. Lahijani.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Symptoms

Breakouts with hidradenitis suppurativa often occur around hair follicles where oil and sweat glands are located, such as in the groin, the armpits, or in the anal area, or where skin rubs together in different areas of the body. It usually begins between puberty and the age of 40 with a single, painful bump that becomes inflamed and can last for days, months, or years. Breakouts can occur repeatedly in the same general location or the same area.

This skin condition may produce only mild symptoms, or it may worsen rapidly, affecting many areas of the body. Symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa include:

  • Blackheads in small pitted areas, often with two blackheads appearing together
  • Hard, painful, pea-sized lumps under the skin that last for years and become enlarged and inflamed
  • Tender, red bumps that may become enlarged, itch and burn, and often break open and drain pus that may have an odor
  • Tracts or tunnels connecting the lumps that form under the skin, which may leak pus and heal very slowly, or never fully heal

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Los Angeles Treatment & Care

Non-invasive treatments are typically recommended for patients with mild hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms. Those treatments include:

  • Oral and topical medications, including antibiotics and retinoids (drugs derived from vitamin A)
  • Steroids, injected or taken orally, to reduce inflammation (although long-term use of some steroids can have serious side effects, such as bone thinning)
  • Hormonal therapy -- shown in small studies to be as effective as antibiotics for treating hidradenitis suppurativa, although further research is needed
  • TNF inhibitors (drugs that suppress the immune system), which may be effective for treating hidradenitis suppurativa, but may also have serious side effects, such as increased risk of infection, certain types of cancers, and heart failure

For more serious symptoms, when non-surgical options have failed to prevent the disease from progressing, surgical treatments for hidradenitis suppurativa include:

  • Surgical drainage to drain the pus from the lesions
  • Surgical de-roofing – cutting away skin to expose the tunnels linking the bumps and lesions on the surface of the skin
  • Surgical removal of the entire affected area, which may require a skin graft to restore the skin to its original appearance

If you need surgical treatment for hidradenitis suppurativa, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Saul Lahijani, can provide the high-quality care you need. You can rely on Dr. Lahijani for both surgical skill and precision and a down-to-earth approach – you will feel comfortable, cared for, and confident that your treatment is in the hands of a highly-skilled surgeon.

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