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Mommy Makeover Restoring both your figure and your self-confidence after pregnancy

Giving birth is unquestionably one of the greatest joys that life can bring. Yet few mothers relish the effects of pregnancy on the body.

From stretched out belly muscles to deflated, sagging breasts, moms may find that they need a more dramatic solution than can be offered by a renewed gym membership. If you are a woman who is finished having children and who wishes to resculpt, contour and tone her body for a more youthful, attractive appearance, the Mommy Makeover may be the perfect procedure for your needs.

Who can get a Mommy Makeover?

While the main requirement for getting a Mommy Makeover is a simple desire to look and feel your best again, the best candidates are women at a stable, healthy weight who do not smoke, have finished breastfeeding, and who have reasonable expectations for improvement rather than perfection.

Selecting the right Los Angeles practice for your Mommy Makeover

At the office of Dr. Lahijani, we love to see moms smile as they contemplate the exciting changes that are possible with surgery. Each client is unique, and your procedure is always highly customized to your wishes, needs and desires. From our experienced and exceptionally skilled surgical team to our stunning, state-of-the-art in-house operating facilities, we offer you an outstanding patient experience that will immediately set your heart at ease.

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Mommy Makeover

What exactly does the Mommy Makeover entail?

Below you will find a brief overview of the most common procedures performed during a Mommy Makeover:

  • Breast surgery - For breasts that have lost their volume, have become asymmetrical, pendulous or irregularly shaped, or whose nipples are no longer perky and facing forward, breast surgery can offer improved contours and a refreshed, supple profile. The doctor may elect to perform a breast lift, breast augmentation, nipple correction, breast reduction, or some combination of these treatments, depending on your condition.
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) - Abdominoplasty is performed to trim excess fat, skin and tissue from the stomach area, tighten the vertical abdominal muscles and create a firmer, tighter waist. It's important to note that once the belly's six-pack muscles are separated during pregnancy, there is no exercise move that can realign them. Surgery is the only option for correcting this issue.
  • Liposuction - Lipo works to contour your thighs, hips, arms or belly by suctioning out unwanted fat through a slender tube known as a cannula. Lipo is one of the safest procedures in the cosmetic surgeon's arsenal, and when performed by an expert such as Dr. Lahijani, it can do wonders for your curves.

Today's advanced surgical techniques, improved anesthesia and cutting edge equipment make it possible to undergo several body contouring procedures at once, reducing the number of incisions, shortening recovery times and improving costs.

A Mommy Makeover sounds fantastic! Where do I sign up?

The first step towards your transformation is to meet with Dr. Lahijani in the privacy and comfort of one of his offices, with four convenient locations to choose from throughout Los Angeles. During your complimentary consultation, the doctor will explain your options, answer questions, review your medical history, discuss before and after photos, and present you will a detailed, personalized road map for moving forward. Mommy Makeover procedures can be performed over a period of time, or condensed into fewer sessions to make the most of your downtime. The doctor will help determine the best course of action based on your anatomy and lifestyle.

What can I expect from my recovery?

As expected, recovery will vary greatly from client to client, depending on the number of procedures performed and their complexity. Patients undergoing breast surgery will need to wear a special bra post-op, and those who had a tummy tuck will require an abdominal compression garment to assist with healing. Dr. Lahijani will devise a full, detailed aftercare regimen tailored to your surgery, including prescriptions for the appropriate pain medications and instructions on when to return to work and exercise. Dr. Lahijani insists on thorough follow-up, and encourages you to call him should any concerns arise during your recovery. As a general time frame, most clients can resume normal activities within 1 week.

Schedule a Consultation

With four convenient office suites to choose from in Beverly Hills, Palmdale, Upland and Valencia, clients seeking rejuvenation can find the perfect location to suit their busy lifestyle. During your consultation, Dr. Lahijani will examine you, take down your medical history, review before and after photos, and create a personalized treatment plan customized to your body. If you are looking for a full body contouring makeover, the doctor can also give you information about additional procedures at this time, as one major benefit of combining treatments is less overall downtime for the patient.

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