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Scar Revision Heal seamlessly

When the skin has suffered a trauma, injury or burn, the body will form a scar in an attempt to repair the damage.

Scars vary greatly in appearance, ranging from raised protrusions to mild discolorations. While some scars can be hidden with hair, makeup or even tattoos, there are others that are harder to conceal and these may cause social anxiety or inhibition.

Scar revision surgery can dramatically reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate debilitating scars, improving both one's overall appearance and quality of life. Thanks to today's exciting technological advances in the field of cosmetic science, there are many new treatment modalities for scar removal and revision. Tissue grafts, Z-plasty, tissue expanders, excision, injectables, skin resurfacing and laser treatments are just a few of the tools available in the modern surgeon's vast arsenal.

Types of scars to be treated:

  • Facial scars – Making a good first impression is more important than ever in today's media-centric society. Everyone is expected to be visible in some capacity, whether via website, video, photographs or social media outlets. This can be especially challenging for those with facial scarring, as such blemishes may distort facial expressions or command unwanted attention and focus. A talented plastic surgeon can help facial scars to blend in better and be less noticeable, improving social functioning and quality of life in the process.
  • Hypertrophic scars – Hypertrophic scars form when large amounts of the protein collagen is overproduced by the body as a response to trauma. These raised lesions are usually due to cuts, piercings or burns, and can appear red and thick. If a hypertrophic scar is located near a joint, it may cause movement to be restricted, which is a major reason for seeking out scar revision.
  • Keloid scars – Like hypertrophic scars, keloid scars are the result of too much collagen production. Keloid scars are often treated through steroids, which can shrink their size; however, they may also be surgically removed.
  • Burn scars – When the skin is exposed to hot temperatures or certain chemicals, the skin cells will form a contracture, or hardening of its tissue. Burn scars should be treated immediately to avoid the rigidity that can ultimately result in restricted movement and possible disfigurement.
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Scar Revision

Why choose Dr. Lahijani for scar revision in Los Angeles?

Dr. Lahijani has an extensive background in reconstructive cosmetic surgery, having completed not just one, but three residencies at distinguished medical institutions around the country. In addition to his formidable expertise and skill in this delicate area of medicine, Dr. Lahijani possesses the compassion and insight necessary to successfully guide each patient through what can be a challenging process, both physically and emotionally. Scar patients have experienced enough trauma, and now deserve a positive patient experience where they feel at ease from start to finish.

Where does scar revision take place?

Surgery is performed at our in-house operating suite, accredited by the AAAASF and home to advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and groundbreaking technology. Every member of our staff from our nurses to our medical assistants are vetted professionals with the highest ethical standards.

How do I get started?

Scheduling a confidential consultation with Dr. Lahijani is an important first step in determining if scar revision is a good fit for your needs. Dr. Lahijani meets with new clients in the comfort of his office suites in one of three convenient Los Angeles locations.

During your session, the doctor will examine your scar, review your medical and surgical history, perform any necessary testing, and discuss your goals for improvement. Before and after photos can help you to visualize your results and arrive at realistic expectations. Moving forward, Dr. Lahijani will decide upon the best scar revision technique, customizing his approach to your specific scar profile.

Schedule a Consultation

With four convenient office suites to choose from in Beverly Hills, Palmdale, Upland and Valencia, clients seeking rejuvenation can find the perfect location to suit their busy lifestyle. During your consultation, Dr. Lahijani will examine you, take down your medical history, review before and after photos, and create a personalized treatment plan customized to your body. If you are looking for a full body contouring makeover, the doctor can also give you information about additional procedures at this time, as one major benefit of combining treatments is less overall downtime for the patient.

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