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Breast Implant Revision Undo a previously poor breast surgery

Who is a good candidate for breast implant revision?

Women who have undergone breast augmentation in the past may find that their implants shift, deflate or shrink over time, or they may simply no longer prefer their current implants and wish to remove or replace them. A Beverly Hills breast implant revision with Dr. Lahijani can restore plumpness, symmetry and volume to the breasts, correcting a variety of flaws and irregularities responsible for both physical discomfort and social inhibition. In general, it is suggested that breast implants be reviewed for revision every 10 years.

Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Common reasons for breast revision include...

  • Breast implant rippling - This can occur with saline implants when the areas next to or underneath the breast begin to wrinkle.
  • Breast implant rupture - Rupture can occur in both silicone and saline breast implants. With silicone, the implant shell may crack, although this may only be visible through an MRI test. When saline implants rupture, the breast becomes deflated, compromising the appearance of the chest.
  • Implant shifting - Also known as bottoming out, implants can sometimes shift from their original positions due to aging, injury or capsular contracture.
  • Implant size - After undergoing breast augmentation, some women may find that they are unhappy with the size of their new breasts and may wish to exchange their implants for ones that better complement their frame.
  • Implant removal - It is not uncommon for women who have had breast implants to decide at a later date they no longer want them. In this case, the implants are removed and the breasts are tightened and reshaped to their pre-surgical appearance.
  • Error in original implant surgery - Unfortunately, not all surgeons are up to par, and some implant procedures may result in less than optimal results. Flaws due to surgical error can be corrected with breast revision surgery for a much improved outcome.
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Breast Revision

What can I expect from breast implant revision?

Implant revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about the same amount of time as breast augmentation surgery. In some cases, your surgeon may need to remove scar tissue surrounding the implant, or perform a breast lift (mastoplexy) to help pocket the new implants properly. If additional support is necessary in the chest area, the doctor may employ a bio mesh silk scaffolding device called a strattice, which can also help guard against capsular contracture.

What will my recovery be like?

Recovery from your Los Angeles breast implant surgery will vary widely depending on the techniques used for correction, and on the extent of the changes required. On average, most clients find they can return to work within 10-14 days. Strenuous exercise such as weight lifting is discouraged for at least 4-6 weeks. Although scarring is kept to a minimum, it make take up to six months for revision scars to significantly fade.

Breast Implant Revision Upland & Valencia

Superior breast implant revision in LA

It's important to choose a plastic surgeon who understands the nuances and subtleties of the breast revision procedure, as well as a doctor who listens to your questions, concerns and goals. With thousands of successful Los Angeles breast implant revision surgeries under his belt, Dr. Lahijani possesses a winning combination of experience, skill and personal integrity. He tailors his approach to the client's unique parameters, and is often sought out to correct the work of less qualified surgeons.

What is my first step?

With several convenient offices to choose from; Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Palmdale, Upland and Valencia, it's easy to schedule a private complimentary consultation with Dr. Lahijani. During this initial meeting, the doctor will examine your implants, review your augmentation surgical records and medical history, answer your questions, and formulate the best strategy for achieving your breast implant revision goals.

Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles

Schedule a Consultation

With four convenient office suites to choose from in Beverly Hills, Palmdale, Upland and Valencia, clients seeking rejuvenation can find the perfect location to suit their busy lifestyle. During your consultation, Dr. Lahijani will examine you, take down your medical history, review before and after photos, and create a personalized treatment plan customized to your body. If you are looking for a full body contouring makeover, the doctor can also give you information about additional procedures at this time, as one major benefit of combining treatments is less overall downtime for the patient.

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