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Dermal Fillers Fill in wrinkles that don’t belong

Over the past decade, more and more cosmetic surgery clients have turned towards the efficacy of dermal fillers as a safe, effective alternative to invasive facelifts, neck lifts, brows lifts and even liposuction. Facial fillers are typically painless and require no downtime, meaning that you can visit our offices on your lunch-hour and leave shortly afterwards, feeling fabulous about your new, red carpet-ready complexion.

Facial fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse and Juvederm work by restoring the body's innate volume-building compounds lost during the aging process. Results appear natural and subtle, with facial contours regaining their smooth, youthful aesthetic.

Whether you desire to reduce hollowness and fortify skin vibrancy in the lips, cheeks, forehead, beneath the eyes, around the nose and mouth, or even under the chin, dermal fillers are highly versatile in their approach, with results that often last up to a year or more.

Treatment involves the administration of an injection at the target site with an ultra fine needle. Anesthesia is rarely needed, although topical numbing ointments are provided by the doctor should you require them. After your facial filler treatment, you may receive an ice pack that will help to ease any lingering discomfort. Numbing, bruising or swelling at the injection site tends to evaporate within minutes or hours of your procedure and are no cause for alarm.

  • Radiesse - Radiesse is a popular, FDA-approved facial filler that brilliantly rounds out the hollowness and depleted contours that result from aging, while it works to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, creases and facial folds. Its key ingredient is a naturally occurring compound called calcium hydroxylapatite, which is delivered in tiny spheres that float suspended in a bio-friendly gel. Like many of the best dermal fillers, Radiesse goes behind the scenes to fortify the skin's scaffolding, triggering the rapid regrowth of collagen, a fountain-of-youth like protein that is gradually phased out as we age. Radiesse begins to restore volume almost instantly, and results may continue to please for up to one year, making Radiesse one of the most long-lasting treatments on the anti-aging market.
  • Restylane - If you suffer from deep facial creases such as the lines that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds), Restylane may offer a powerful, potent solution, restoring plump, youthful contours in your very first session. Other uses for Restylane include treating the areas under the eyes, near the cheeks, nose and mouth and anywhere that unsightly wrinkles have begun to mar the complexion. Restylane softens the facial expression through its primary active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, a substance known for creating healthy skin volume. Restylane can also be injected into the lips for a more sensual, feminine smile. Patients who may not be able to tolerate animal-based products usually experience no allergic reaction to Restylane, making it among the safest fillers you can employ.
  • Juvederm - If you are looking to replace spent reserves of soft tissue, collagen or fat, substances that tend to dwindle with advancing age, Juvederm is one of the world's most successful and beloved solutions. A facial filler known for its versatility, Juvederm revitalizes and plumps the areas of tissue waste around the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. Juvederm has also proven safe and compelling in treating thin, damaged lip contours. It is composed with a base of hyaluronic acid, a chemical found organically in the human body that works to combat wrinkles, lines and creases. Results typically last anywhere from 6-12 months, at which point Juvederm injections can be repeated for continued enjoyment of its superb outcomes.
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Dermal Fillers

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With four convenient office suites to choose from in Beverly Hills, Palmdale, Upland and Valencia, clients seeking rejuvenation can find the perfect location to suit their busy lifestyle. During your consultation, Dr. Lahijani will examine you, take down your medical history, review before and after photos, and create a personalized treatment plan customized to your body. If you are looking for a full body contouring makeover, the doctor can also give you information about additional procedures at this time, as one major benefit of combining treatments is less overall downtime for the patient.

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